first time switch from Transparent to API

Hi All -

I have XBee Pro’s running Digimesh. I have successfully transmitted IO data using API frame 0x92, and have successfully transmitted a character stream in Transparent mode.

I would like to send my character stream in API mode, but after switching to API enable, my receiving XB gets nothing. I can see the sending XB using ATND, so it’s not a connectivity issue. I have set RO to 0, 3 (default) and 16 (about the number of characters intending to send each time), with no change in behavior.

Does using API engender some additional configuration on the send-node side? Is it required to do CRS/RTS control? Is there a way to force packetization and sending by a pin assertion?



Your data must be formatted properly in order for the packet to interpreted properly and therefore sent out by the module. If you were to give us the API frame you are trying to send, we could probably decipher it for you and tell you why you are not seeing what you expect to see.