Xbee uart protocol

Hello there,
I am trying to find some documentation on interfacing with the Xbee module using uart. What I need to be exact, is the frame structure so I can know how to create them in my code. Are there such manuals out there with frames tables explained? So far I have found the code examples on github ( https://github.com/digidotcom/xbee_ansic_library ) but it is hard to figure out the frame from the code. I would appreciate all help.

If you are using transparent mode which is the default, there is no Frame structure needed. That is, you only need to provide it data just like it would be if the XBee was a cable.

I am not sure I understand. If the module is in transparent mode and I send value 0x01 to it, what will happen? It will send it into the air without any overhead whatsoever?

So far I have found this resource, but it is not official: http://rubenlaguna.com/wp/2009/03/12/example-of-xbee-api-frames/
I wonder where can I find such explanation in DIGI documentation? In my application, I need to set the module appropriately (by using AT command, correct me if I am wrong) and communicate with other nodes in DigiMesh. For that I wish to use API mode. Please let me know either I misunderstood something.

No it will send it with some over head with that over head being the address information provided in the ID, CH, DL, DH and other addressing fields of the XBee module. But that data is stripped out and not provided on the outgoing data packet. ALL that is provided in transparent mode is just the data. That is, if you send in a 0x01, then that is what is sent out the receiving module.

If API mode is used on the receiving side, then if I sent in an 0x01 in the transparent module, then on the API receiving side would be something like a 7E 00 0C 80 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 01 01 85