XBee transparent mode frame

I am currently working with Xbees on transparent mode for an experimental project. For this experiment it would be necessary for me to know exactly what is in the Xbee frame in transparent mode (or packet). Right now i could only find the contents of the API mode.

Would it be possible to inform me of the structure of the transparent mode packet? Is there anything else other than the data i am sending to the TX pin? Is there a checksum? Does it add DH and DL to the packet (i am currently transmitting in broadcast mode)? How does packetization work on transparent mode?

Isn’t the Transparent Mode just using AT commands? I don’t think there is any checksum. You’ll basically generate an AT command terminated with a CR.

I would stay with the API mode. It is much more friendly when the host side is a MCU. The Digi XBee ANSI C library works for me very well.


Depends wtich function set firmware you use. If you use the 802.15.4 set without MaxStream just have a look at the data frame specification for this protocol. Its all publicly available information. The transparent data you sent to the xbee module ofer uart is packed into 802.15.4 packet and sent to the wireless network (this also includes information such as PAD ID etc.), on the other side the xbee module unpacks this received packet and the payload is sent out through local uart port.