xbee transparent mode

i want two transmit data between two pc’s using xbee module

I have configured the two xbees by setting their pan id same and setting their my address,dl address and sl address

i am using the module in transparent mode

the module which is connected to pc can identify the another module by using the command ATND

now i want to send data to the remote module through the module connected to pc

now how should i do that

xbee module is connected to pc through serial port and i am using the software xctu provided by xbee manufaturers

waiting for reply…

You can trasmit data with terminal prog…even xctu has it or use famous putty

i have used the function in xctu to frame and send the data but i am not able to receive the data from other remote xbee(remote xbee is connected to hyper terminal of another pc) on to hyper terinal of another pc so how could i ensure that data has been transmitted from one xbee to another