api mode and legacy serial devices

i’m looking how to make the serial port transparent with the api mode.
Any hint on this topic?


You may need to be a little more specific on what exactly you want to achieve. In the mean time, let me explain the API a bit to you. Transparent mode will allow information to pass through the UART in exactly the same fashion as it was sent/received. When the radio (one or both ends of the wireless link) are using the API, information sent to and received from the radio will be sent as a specially formated data frame. This can offer advantages that include the ability to quickly change parameters on the module, and since it embeds the address of the sending radio into the message, you can identify which node sent the message.

The restriction is that there must be some intelligence in the host device to either interpret the API packet and/or generate it.

Hope this helps.

basically is the re-use of an existing rfid reader (parallax). I have no way generating the api frame in the reader itself. Also I need to know from where the packet has been send - thus no at mode.
API Identifier Name: Explicit Addressing ZigBee Command Frame
API Identifier Value: 0x11
Product support: XBee Series 2
The upper ‘frame’ would allow me to send a packet to the ‘rfid’ reader. But the other way round? Will this packet enforce the dest module to ‘be’ in transparent mode with regards to the uart?
Or is there another frame to set the cluster id for that remote node?