API mode at coordinator, transparent at end devices

Can you have API mode at the coordinator, and transparent mode at the end devices?

I tried sending an API message to the device. Frame type = 0x10, frame ID = 1, 64 bit address = destination address (end device), 16 bit destination network address is 0xFFFE. broadcast radius = 0 (max hops), options = 0, and the rest of the packet filled with the data.

I’m just not clear if that’s the right way, or do I have to send some other ind of message, like a ZDO message to 0xE8 (then what cluster ID, what profile id?)

Most definitely - the nodes DO NOT move API-frames over the air. The API message just allows you to explicitly control MORE of the actual over-the-air packet.

In AT mode, the over-the-air packet uses defaults and some things hard-coded as setting (such as the DH/DL settings).

Although not directly related to your question, you will find this short wiki page educational:

I would say that MOST systems function in API-mode only at the ‘data concentration points’, with simple raw serial-encap by AT mode at the remotes.

Thanks so much.