Send IO line passing packet with API mode

I use XBee 868 and IO line passing is working.

I don’t want to use the emitter’s digital inputs as source of data, but API frames.

In other words, to drive the receiver’s outputs, I don’t want anymore to use the emitter’s digital inputs. I want to give API frames to the emitter instead.

I didn’t see anything in the documentation about that.

Is it possible ?


If you are using the product I think you are, it only allows the change of an io line by remote at commands.

Hello and thank you

Unfortunately I don’t understand your answer. Instead of driving the DIO inputs of the emitter, I want to send to it API frames.
Which API frames should I use ?

I use XBee 868 and IO line passing is working.

I would rather not utilize the producer’s computerized inputs as wellspring of information, yet API outlines.

As such, to drive the beneficiary’s results, I don’t need any longer to utilize the producer’s advanced data sources. I need to give API casings to the producer all things being equal.
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You would be using the 0x17 frame types for your Remote AT commands.