Modifying DO through API frame

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Hi. Is it possible to send a packet to a remote Xbee to modify the behavior of a DO pin?
I read about I/O Line passing but the base Xbee is encapsulated and is impossible to modify the DI input, so I want to send a packet and modify the state of a DO pin sending an API frame on a remote Xbee. How can I accomplish this?

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if you can get at least one micro-controller (like an Arduino), it’s very simple, you just hate to send en AT frame trough API mode to change the status of you output but with only 2 Xbee I don’t really think about it.

Here is a youtube channel that show you basic exemple of Chat between Xbee : Your text to link here….

And here an official DIGI exemple of “how to do an Xbee switch”.

Hope i can help you

But is not possible to change for example Dn = 4 or 5 through API frames to give a LOW or HIGH to control a switch? Or this works only for I/O Line Passing?
PD: I can’t open “how to do an Xbee switch” page.

See the Digi API Packet Generator for ZB (ZigBee) Networks and the Tutorial for the Digi API Packet Generator (Frame Maker) Utility at this link under the Diagnostics, Utilities and MIBs section. See Example #2 in the tutorial.

If you use the newest version of XCTU you can generate the packet from within that application.