about memory usage

hi, i have some question about memory management on rabbit5600.
How much root memory has this cpu? and xmem?
How can i understand microC task’s size?

my program is a quite complex, i used UCOSII, WIFI, WebServer and now compiler throws an error:
“out of root code space”

i tried to set “enable separate instruction and data spaces” and
#memmap xmem to move all function on xmem space, but the problem is not solved.

Managing the root code and data split on the Rabbit systems when you have complex programs can be quite a task. I’ve had lots of fun playing around with whilst working on the BACnet stack although the RCM5600W didn’t cause me too much grief.

If you look at the port of the stack I have for the BL5S220 you will see that I had to change the value of the XMEMCODE_SIZE define to 0x70000 to get the stack to work due to the amount of code the WiFi stack uses (you can download it from https://sourceforge.net/projects/bacrabbit/ and look at the comments at the start of main.c in the ports\bl5s220 directory).

Hopefully a similar approach will work for you.

Oh and another thing…

I freed up a lot of root memory when working on the stack by making use of "far " data and pointers for as much of the constant data and storage as possible.