Memory issues in 6700 vs 5600W

We have a product which uses the RCM6700 in an embedded monitoring application. We are attempting to make a wireless version of the product using the RCM5600W. (We would use the RCM6600W but it does not seem to exist). According to the documentation the RCM6700 and RCM5600W have the exact same amount of memory (1MB RAM + 1MB serial flash). However, when I compile the code for the RCM5600W onto a module, the compiler tells me “Out of xmem code space”.

This same code will compile for the RCM6700, although it won’t work because the 6700 doesn’t have the wifi functions it will not give me any out of memory errors. Why doesn’t the same code compile for the RCM5600? The two parts seem to have the same memory setup. How can I tell how much I might need to modify or rearrange the code to fit? The compiler is unhelpful for telling me what the actual limits on memory is.

The Wifi libs take up a lot of code so you will probably have to tweak the code allocation. This can be done by putting a definition like this in options/project options/defines tab


Try different values to see what works.

This adjusts the code vs data size which probably defaults to 50:50