RCM5650W Programming Error

We have created a product which utilizes a RCM6760. We have since decided to add wireless, so we installed a RCM5650W. According to the documentation, this is a pin for pin match. We can dump the program to the RCM6760 without any issues, however, we receive a “Rabbit Processor Not Found” error when trying to program the RCM5650W. I turned off the “Verify Processor” checkbox in the program options. I then get an error complaining about the bios dump.

Any ideas? I have tried two separate RCM5650W modules with the same result. I have tried loading the BIOS with failure. I have update the FTDI drivers.

Which protoboard are you using?

We are using a custom designed board, not a proto. I can program the RCM6760 just fine on it, the problem is with the RCM5650W

Have you tried running a sample program on the RCM5650W to eliminate your software as the issue?

I would also try using the protoboard for the RCM5650W to see if this makes a difference.

I can program this RCM5650W board on an eval board and it works fine. I tried both an example program and my program.

I have bought a RCM6650W as well. I can program it on my custom board. There is an apparent difference between the RCM6650W and RCM5650W. I would think that if I could program the RCM6650W and the RCM6760 while it is installed on my board, that I should be able to program the RCM5650W the same way.

Anyway, we plan to use the RCM6650W for all future work. Thanks to all that helped and let me know if you have any thoughts on why the other would not work for future reference.