Need help connecting to RCM3750


I have an RCM3750 development kit.

I USED to be able to write programs and run them on the RabbitCore on the protoboard.

When I disconnect the programming cable and power up the board, the old program runs just fine. However, when I reconnect the programming cable, I can’t send a new program to the core.

I have tried different COM ports, baud rates, stop bits, etc to no avail.

Please help.

Hi Allen,
What is different in your set up since you were able to program the core?

Well, I used to be at a different location and had a different login.

I didn’t use the Rabbit until a few days ago. I had a little trouble getting the program to download, but eventually it started working just fine.

However, I can no longer get any program to download.

I even undocked my laptop and logged in using the original login, but that didn’t help either.


Hi Allen, You dont need to log in to run a program on a Rabbit.
If you are usign a USB to serial cable, please know that not all USB cables communocate with Rabbit products. Try a serial connection, or check out the USB cable on the website. Also it woud be good to know if you are getting any error messages.

Or you could write an email to Tech Support at

For some unknown reason, by Rabbit decided it wanted to play and it just started to work all on its own shrugs

Thanks for your help.