RCM5700 dev. board question

Hi all,

I am a new user. I am working on the 5700 dev. board and I am designing a carrier board for the 5700 module.
On my carrier board there will be the serial connector for the module programmation. I tried to mount on the development board the J7 connector and the R19, R20 and R24 resistor (0 ohm).
At this point I power up the board, I connect the serial cable (the one that work well with the RCM3700 and RCM4200 module) and I try to program the module. It does not work (obviously:cool:).

My opinion is that the serial programming on the dev. board have a conflict with the USB programming port. In other words there are two serial port connected on the Rabbit programming pins. What do you think?

Do someone have experience with the serial programming using the RCM5700?

Thank you in advance.


Udate: I received the board for my system. The serial programming works well!

On my board I have problem with the Ethernet communication. I placed a Tyco Electronics connector with MAG and I placed the filter like on the development board. I am not able to establish an ethernet communication between the RCM5700 and my pc or a LAN.
The firmware works well, infact, using the development board I am able to establish ethernet connection.
In attach I placed an extract of the electrical scheme of my board. J5 is teh RCM5700 connector.

Anyone has some ideas?

Thank you!