About RCM6750 version

Hi guys,

I know that there is a few version for the RCM6750 because I found out that it’s datasheet have different version. The newest is 90001191_F. I have been using the 90001191_E version for a while and only found out the 90001191_F version lately.

I found out that one of the difference between the two version is it’s backup battery current consumption decreased from 120uA to 50uA. May I know is there any other differences?

This is because I faced some timing issue when I use the serial communication (RS485 signal) on the latest RCM6750 version 90001191_F. I have no such issue when I use 90001191_E version.


–>I know that there is a few version for the RCM6750.

To the best of my knowledge there is new version of Rabbit 6000 chip on the RCM67XX modules. It seems like ,to decrease the backup battery current consumption from 120uA to 50uA they modified the processor design on the modules.

Other than this there are no changes on the modules.

If you are facing any timing issue, pls directly check with the digi.