About the RCM6750 flash memory.

Hi guys… I’m using the RCM6750 and there are a few function that we can use to write data to its memory.
Firstly :

   sf_writeRAM and sf_readRAM,
   sf_RAMToPage(a) and sf_pageToRAM(a)


xmem2root and root2xmem

What is the difference between these two?

And may I ask if sf_RAMToPage(a), if ‘a’ is the page location, what is the limit of ‘a’?

The first set of functions is specifically for reading from and writing to the RAM buffer of the serial flash.

The second set of functions is more generic and was how we were able to access extended memory locations before the advent of far pointers. These functions are not necessarily needed any more. You can look up documentation on far pointers in the DC 10 user manual. There are also some samples in samples\Rabbit4000\FAR.

Sorry, I don’t have details on how many pages are in the RAM of the serial flash.

Does the location of data stored using the first function same as the second function? Or should I ask, does the second function store data in flash too?
If not where is it stored and what is the size of that memory for RCM6750?