RCM6710 - Flash read/write - How can I avoid memory conflicts ?

I’m trying to use a flash memory to store settings and also store time based data occurrences and electrical values.
I’m using a RCM6710 CPU .
My memory map is :
Base Top Size
Root Code 0000 505E 505F
XMEM code 0E000 7F5D6 715D6
Watch code BC00 BDFF 0200
Stack D000 DFFF 1000
Root Data 441A B800 73E7
Root constants 00000 029C0 029C0

I used MAX_FIRMWARE_BINSIZE=0x80000 in my compile defines
After compilation I tried to run the program but it entered in infinite loop of reseting to the begining of the code after few instructions. This same firmware is running in a RCM6760 using BBRAM.
Is there any other thing that I have to do to be sure i’m not having problem with memory overlapp in this writes in the flash ?

How are you accessing the flash? The sbf_far_WriteFlash() and sbf_far_Read() APIs should only allow access to the areas of flash that aren’t in use by your program or user/system ID blocks. You can write to the range MAX_FIRMWARE_BINSIZE to SBF_USERBLOCK_BEGIN.