AccelePort RAS4 with GVC Super Modem 2400 external


I need a working init string. I’m trying to connect
with a GVC Super Modem (2400 Baud) to the RAS4.
The card is build in a system with Windows 2000 Prof.
The Modem is dialing, RAS gives answer, handshaking is ok, but there is no transmission, after i have the error serial link timeout! Please help !!! Cheers Christian
I use this at the moment this init string: ATE0S0=1
On both side is set 2400 baud.

Try the guidance in this article:


Thanks for answer. I checked it already this string
for older modems, did’nt work.

Kind Regards


Another common place older modems get hung when trying to connect to newer modems (or vice versa) is data compression. Try adding AT%C&W to turn this off.

The +MS command can be used to actually change the modem into something more like the Supra. To make it a 300-2400 baud modem for instance, AT+MS=2,1,300,2400&W could be used. Here’s a link to the AT command set manual if you’d like to try some other values:

You’d want to use as high a modulation as possible, while still allowing the Supra to make the connection. Another possibility would be checking with Supra to see if there’s updated firmware for the modem. The latest firmware for the Acceleport RAS (along with release notes on how to upgrade) can be found here: