I have installed an Acceleport Xem Host Adapter PCI card (part number 77000455) on a Pentium III box running SCO Opensever 5.0.5. I then installed the downloaded drivers nameley: 400001019_AD.BIN and 40001383_AD.BIN by using media_image option in CUSTOM after renaming them VOL.000.000 and VOL.001.000 respectively. I then invoked MPI to install the card. After relinking the kernel and rebooting the machine, I tried to run DPA or PCU, and both of them give the following error “DOWNLOAD DEVICE ERROR” - “Cannot Open the download device”.
I have also noticed that the file /dev/epcadl does not get created during the installation of the drivers. Hence the computer displays an error message during startup which says “chown: file /dev/epcadl does not exist.” and “chmod: file /dev/epcadl does not exist”.
This means the initialization script /etc/digidl is not successfully executing.
Could someone please tell me the solution to this problem.

Sounds as though the kernel rebuild experienced a problem. Try rebuilding the kernel manually to see if errors are shown:


You were right! After doing a ./idbuild, the kernel relink showed the following error both during the link process and the environment rebuild process:
/etc/conf/bin/idmknod: cannot open /var/opt/SCO/K/link/1.1.1Eb/etc/conf/node.d/chey# for reading. No such file or directory.
I went on to check for this file and found that it was merely a link to a non-existent file. I therefore went to the directory /etc/conf/node.d and deleted a file called chey. (At some point I had installed some CHEYENE software which I suspect might have left this residue).
Anyway, after this deletion, the relink went through, and so did the digi errors disappear.
Thank you so much!