AccelePort XP 16p

I have a Acceleport XP 16p installed in a Windows XP machine. However, I am unable to see any of the serial devices that are connected to it through the Digi card using HyperTerminal. If I switch the device to the COM-1 port I am able to see it and communicated with it. In troubleshooting I have installed the lasted drivers and Disabled “Enable write complete when sent.” I also tried to install the Port Assit Manager but recieve the error “InValid Operating System: Windows XP. Exiting Setup.”

What type of serial devices do you have connected?
Which Digi cables or connector box are you using?
Typically, customers buy the cable types to connect to DTE devices (such as printers, terminals, etc.). If you DTE type cables and are trying to connect to DCE type devices (such as modems), you will not be able to communicate with them. If you supply the part numbers of the Digi cables, we can identify them.
If you have the correct cables, which serial parameters do your serial devices require?

You can test the functionality of the Digi ports using the loopback test plug and Hyperterminal.
The loopback will work regardless of the cable type.
Here is a link to testing the ports this way:

The part number for the Digi cable is 63000183-01. The serial devices that are connected are Health Monitors. They are connected from a CAT6 cable and then go into a RJ45 to serial cable converter. The parameters for this device is 9600 Bits per Second, 8 Data Bits, Parity - None, Stop Bits - 1, Flow Control - None.

I checked the functionality of the Digi ports and they are working.

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