Digi Acceleport C/X- PCI - 2 Port

I’ve installed this card on a Windows XP SP2 PC correctly. Under device manager, the card is installed under PCI Slot 1(PCI bus 5, device 4, function 0). It has IRQ 16 and in the memory range FC400,000-FC7FFFFF. I’m trying to determine which COM ports the serial plugs on the card are using. Do they just use 1 because it’s 1 card, or do they use 2 b/c there are 2 ports? Any and all help is appreciated

The 2 ports on the card are for connecting C/CON concentrators to the card. These ports are not serial ports you would see in Device Manager.

Once the C/CON concentrator is attached to the card, you should be able to go to your systems Device Manager, look at the PORTS section, and see what COMs are associated to the card.

If the serial ports do not show up in the PORTS section right away, you may have to reinstall the driver to pick them up. Below is the link to the latest driver off of the Digi Support site for Windows XP:


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Thank you for your reply. - I’m actually using an older driver also, Version from 4/14/2000. I’m going to upgrade this afternoon.