unable to configure 2nd Digi AccelePort Xem PCI card

I am installing two Digi AccelePort Xem PCI cards on Windows Server 2003. I suscessfully load and configure the first card on com ports 3-66 but when the second card is loaded and I try to use the next consecutive com port 67 – whatever. I get a port conflict. I have already tried the directions regarding phatom ports and that has not resolved… Please advise.

Which driver version do you have?

Device Driver Package
for Digi’s Async PCI Adapters
Version, 07/27/2006

                  Microsoft Windows XP
              Microsoft Windows Server 2003

             Software Package PN 40002544_A

I upgraded to the latest greatest patch but still same issue.

I have 2 cards installed, windows server 2003 detects and allows me to configure the ports starting with com port 3 through 66, after configuration of 1st card I am able to load the drivers for the second card but when I attempt to assign the 2nd card to the next avaialble port, should be 67. The hardware wizard says there is a com port conflict with 67 choose anther port. I have tried 68, 69 and so on. It seems something has the ports out of wack. I have already performed this same install on same exact system, worked fine. I noticed the machine begins with digi port Zero on com port 3 and ends with digi port 63 being assingned com port 66.

While this one that I am having problems with associates digi port 1 to com port 3 and therefore digi port 64 is associated with com port 66, Why is that?

The first thing you should try would be to upgrade to the newest driver for that card. It can be found at this link:

If this link does not take you there, the driver can be downloaded from the support site at www.digi.com/support. The most recent version of the driver is Version, 7/25/07

Can you clarify what type of port conflicts you are receiving when you install the second card? Are you receiving any specific error messages that may help determine what is happening?

We really do not have enough information about what is happening to properly help you through the support forum. There are too many variables that could be causing this problem.

Please create a support case by either calling Digi Support at 877-912-3444, option 6 or by emailing support.wizards@digi.com for support through email.