Acceleport Xem & Windows 2000 Server SP 4

I am having a weird issue in regards to Acceleport Xem’s and Windows 2000 Server SP4. We have a few new Compaq/HP DL380 G3 servers with 2 Acceleport Xem PCI cards plugged into slots 2 & 3 in the server. The slots are PCI-X hot swappable card slots… When the server boots up and enters windows the adapter fault amber lamps light on the slot locations on the back of the server, meaning that there is some kind of error… if you look at the device manager the 2 cards appear with 2 yellow exclaimation points and the properties say that the cards failed to start and are not using any resources. If you are to reboot the server, upon exiting and shutting down you get a BSOD with a stop error 0x0000009F Driver_Power_State_Failure. I have tried using the drivers on the CD and followed the instructions to remove the stock windows 2000 drivers, I have even tried using the latest driver from the website and it still crashes on exit… Upon investigation into what the STOP error code may be, Microsoft says it stems from using Unsigned Device Drivers.

Now what is even stranger is that if you connect the cable to the card then to the PORTS Module the server behaves normally, no adapter faults, and no BSOD…

So my question is there reason why this server and would behave the way it does with the cable not attached??


I have the same issue,

Please email me if you find a solution…

I’m having the same problem with the same DL380’s.
Sorry to not help, but I wanted to get my vote in.

The most obvious reason would be that you configured the card to have ports, but these ports are then not physically attached.
Windows is not fond on such situations.

This might not cover the whole issue, but I understood a while back from Digi support here were more issues between digi cards and the proliant dl380 series.
This might have to do with the pci-X standard, or the hot swap.
If possible put the digi card in the non-hotswap slot to try.

We run the C/X cards, and have other driver issues (like new hardware detect works, while it is set to manual, making the server find new modems on its own.)