Acceleport Xem & Windows 2003 server

Has anyone had any success using these two products together? Even though I assigned an IRQ to the Digi card in the BIOS, my server continues to blue screen if I enable the card, or else it will continually reboot itself. As soon as I disable the card, the server becomes stable. I’ve been able to get the Digi card to not cause conflicts, but only sporadically, and never forever. Rebooting the server is a crap shoot, as 2003 will attempt to auto-negotiate the IRQ settings and can cause conflicts again with the Digi card. Digi says this card will work with 2003, but I am not convinced.

I’m thinking about downgrading to W2K server instead, but only if this will actually resolve the problem. Anyone know?


I am having exactly the same problem.
I can get the sytem to boot and run only if i connect
the digi foot to the digi card.

I have tried the inbuilt w2k3 drivers and the updated
digi drivers and have the same problem with both.

did you get any further with this


I definately have the latest BIOS. The server is a brand new Dell PowerEdge. I assigned a unique IRQ to the Digi card but Win2003 Server likes to dynamically negotiate IRQ settings. So you can attempt to fix a specific IRQ to the Digi card, but the O/S will try to renegotiate it if it doesn’t like it. I even got on the phone with Digi and then with Dell Gold Support and had them trying to troubleshoot it with me, but we could not fix it.

I never did get it to work. The server was really unstable if the card was enabled. It would either steal the keyboard IRQ or it would cause the server to continually reboot itself. I downgraded to Win2K server and reinstalled the Digi driver but now I am getting an error in the Device Manager that the device won’t start even though I followed the exact instructions in the Digi release notes for installing the latest driver (40002207_C). I’m about ready to scrap this piece of hardware and try something else!

If the problem is IRQ contention make sure your motherboard has the latest BIOS. BIOS is what delegates the resources which the card and other peripherals use.

We’ve written some articles on this issue as well:

Hope this helps!