New Accele Port Xem

I have an accele port 16em DB25 on one of my old servers (Win 2000).I see a part number:500000464-01 on the box, this is more than 5 years old. Now planning to replace the old server with a new Win 2003 server. Will this old box work on that? any software upgrades needed? Is there any advantage going for a new one, regarding performance or any thing else.? If so which one would be the one equivalent to what I have? Digi AccelePort Xem Universal PCI (3.3V & 5V) 16-port RS-232 DB-25 concentrator 70001203 be a good choice?

Appreciate any help,



The part number from your old Digi equipment is for the 16em ports module rather than from the host adapter.
You should be able to use the module in Windows Server 2000. If you have the AccelePort Xem PCI host adapter in the Windows 2000 system, you can reuse that as well. If you have the ISA version of the Xem host adapter, you can purchase the PCI version of the host adapter to use with your old port module, or you can buy the new kit 70001203. Getting a new 5 year warranty for all of the parts would be the main reason for getting the new kit.

Thank you so much for your help.