AccelePort Xem


We have a legacy system that uses a Digi AccelePort Xem host adaptor (an ISA card with the identifier AN/30001284 and Serial No. 08149432) and a Digi AccelePort Xem async concentrator (16 RJ-45 connections).I have a question regarding this hardware that someone might be able to answer…

Can I replace the ISA concentrator card with the PCI version? And if so what changes (software\drivers) will need to be carried out.

Thanks for your help,

Steve Hoel

Yes, you can use the external Ports/em module with a PCI Xem host adapter.

The only thing you’ll need to change is the driver config (not sure which OS you’re using so I can’t give details), changing from Xem ISA Host Adapter to Xem PCI Host Adapter. I’d recommend checking our website for updated drivers for your product as well. Since the ISA card is limited to older drivers, you’ll probably find a newer/better version up there more tailored to the PCI Host Adapter card.

Make sure the Server is powered off anytime you connect/disconnect the EBI cable, or you’ll possibly damage Ports module, Host Adapter, Server, or all of the above.