Blue screen 0x000000D1 , 0x0000000a , 0x00000019

Hi, I just migrated a modem pooling server from a windows 2000 to 2003 and I keep getting these blue screens at least once every day. All drivers, firmwares are up to date. The server is an IBM X340. I’ve already checked the dump file, some of them are related to the parport.sys, comspy, spydrv.sys(related to the software used for sharing, MPNT). I’ve tried disabling the Anti-virus, same problem. I can’t get my hand on the problem, I need some ideas.
BSOD 0x000000D1 , 0x0000000a , 0x00000019

Which Digi device do you have?
If a PCI Digi-board, Have you isolated the IRQ that the Digi device uses from other devices in the Computer?
That is done in the BIOS. (If it can be done at all, as not all machines allow it.)

I have a PCI AccelePort RAS 8. I just tried to add the /pcilock parameter in my boot.ini. I will also try what you suggested if it can be done. I first thought it was an anti-virus issue with the spartacom MPNT application but now i’m pretty sure it’s related with a os/card IRQ conflict. Let’s hope it will resolve the problem.


The /PCILOCK switch in the boot.ini resolved the issue so it was Windows 2003 who was playing with the IRQ for unknown reason and was creating a conflict. It’s better to let the bios handle the IRQ and I/O than Windows!
Just to share the information, would be even more useful if you configure a server with many cards.