Digi AccelePort Xem ISA/PCI

I am currently experiencing the following problem:

I am using a HP proliant DL 320 server. When I insert the card for the Digi AccelePort Xem ISA/PCI (8 ports) and then start up the HP server which is running Win2k I get a blue screen with the following error:

Hardware Malfunction
NMI: parity check/memory parity error
the system has halted

what is causing that error. Could it be an incompatibilty issue? am i missing something?. we have 4 HP servers and I have tried to use the card on all four of them and each time i got the same error. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone experienced this error before?

Have you run the hardware diagnostics on the card to rule out faulty hardware? You can find the diagnostics here: http://ftp.digi.com/support/utilities/async/.

I doubt that it is a faulty hardware.I have two cards and both of them cause the same error!.

Please also note that after I install the card I can’t get into the operating system.

Test the Digi adapters by installing them into another (non-DL320) system. If the adapters allow the system to boot into the operating system, contact HP for a replacement of the backplane of the DL320.