Digi AccelePort Xem failure

We have 2 communications servers with Digi AccelePort Xem PCI cards with 3 modules connected on it. They are running under HP Tru64 v5.1 UNIX.
Last day on both of them the Digi driver crashed and give the folowing error message:

WARNING: epca: board 0 failure
assert: line = 1121 count expired >

Restarting the server solved for now the problem.
I don’t think it is a HW problem because it append on both servers nearly at the same moment (betwen 1 and 2 hours gap)
This is not the first time it append. There is 1 month between the last 2 times. The servers are rundundant and receive the same data.

Could be there a problem in the driver (counter overflow,…) that make it crash?

Thanks in advance for the replies

I recommend contacting Digi Technical Support to pursue troubleshooting.