C/X Driver or Hardware Failure in SCO 6

We have an Acceleport C/X pci card installed in a new HP Proliant, running SCO 6.0.0
We are using VersaFax software, that has been in use for about 15 years, (on older versions of SCO, and different serial cards).
The following message appears on the console, and in /usr/adm/messages:

May 26 11:17:56 WARNING: epca: board 0 failure.

May 26 11:17:56 WARNING: < assert: line=1023 count expired >

When mpi is run, card shows a status of hardware failure.
If we reload the driver, all returns to normal.
Is this condition a hardware or software problem?

Since, the adapter had been working fine for over 15 years, chances are this is a hardware problem.

When the hardware is failing, we commonly these failures occurring more frequently between reboots until the adapter eventually completely fails.

You may want to consider sending the adapter to Digi for repair or purchasing a new C/X adapter replacement.