Digi AccelePort Xr board failed accidentaly..

Digi AccelePort Xr board failed accidentaly…
so i rebooted the system.
now it is O.K
But i just wonder what this message is and then
what should i do ?
someone knows about this problem. Please let me explain.
OS: solaris 8

message log :

Sep 23 14:22:26 epca: [ID 389849 kern.warning] WARNING: line(3160): count expired
Sep 23 14:22:26 epca: [ID 639388 kern.warning] WARNING: count expired
Sep 23 14:22:26 epca: [ID 281319 kern.warning] WARNING: epca: board 0 failure.

If this is a longstanding installation, this could indicate that the adapter is starting to experience a hardware problem. If this is the case, these errors may be seen more frequently until it fails to initialize even upon reboot.

If this is a new installation, please make sure you are using the latest driver available from our web-site, to eliminate the possibility of a driver/firmware issue.

Also, you may want to try another PCI slot to rule out hardware contention.

If you start seeing this behavior occur more frequently, I recommend making repair arrangements with Digi.