Acceleport Xr 920 and RedHat 9.0


I have an acceleport Xr 920 on my server. I have installed the digi drivers 1.56-1 which I have downloaded on your site.

My card is found by Linux, because if I make “more /proc/pci”, I can see my digi card.

But after installation, when I want to start my epca module, with “service epca start”, I receive the following message :

…No boards detected. Exiting now

The card shares the IRQ 15 with the network card but that seems, usually, not to pose any problem

Can you help me ?

Best regards

The “no boards detected” error sounds like it may be a result of contention, particularly with the Xr920 card trying to share with a NIC. Here is an article we wrote about that exact topic:

Also, here are some tips on how to resolve a PCI contention issue: