I recently installed an acceleport 8r 920 PCI card into an HP rp3410 server running HP UX 11i version 1 I downloaded the driver 40001526_d.tar from the digi support download site. The driver configured successfully and device files were created and entries also updated in the /etc/inittab file .I can login and work on any of the eight port on the card.

One of the devices I have to connect to the digi is a security encryptor which uses a straight thru (null) modem cable. This device is currently working OK on an identical server which has a digi 8p card installed.

My problem is that when I start the same application on this server as on the working server, it fails and report that the port to which the device is connected is ‘busy’ .When I make a loopback test (using DPA utility) on the 8r 920 card it also displays ‘port busy’. The signals DTR RTS CD DSR all change sign to + when connected and - when disconnected, except for DTR AND RTS which don’t change. What could I be missing? Are the drivers correct?

It sounds like your settings are correct, but the application you’re running on the port is taking exlusive control of the port (thereby blocking other things accessing the port at the same time). There is no port setting that will change this behavior, as its at an ioctl/programming level with the application. I believe that’s what is going on. Best bet would be to call Tech Support about this one though.