ditty AccelePort Xp problems

OS: Redhat 8.0
Card: AccelePort Xp
Driver: dgdm-1.1-1

All serial lines are blocked (read timeout)

If I try to execute ditty -a /dev/ttyG0_00, I get this message:

/dev/ttyG0_00: another process waiting on open

It is necessary to reboot the server.

Have you tried your Xp card in another slot? It may be a resource contention. Also, what kernel are you running?

What happens if you run “/etc/rc.d/init.d/dgdm start” after the server is at a full run level? Does it load manually and start working?

One other thing from the driver release notes which may be relevant in this situation:

Use the following insmod parameter: alt_fail_open=1 to enable a change which provides alternate behavior when a serial “open” call fails. This parameter must be added each time the device driver is loaded (i.e. when the system is booted.) To make this process easier, the Digi standard driver startup tools will execute the command for the user when it loads the driver if the following command is executed:

touch /etc/dgdm/alt_fail_open

This command will create a file in the file system. When the Digi tools detect the existence of this file, the command enables the “alt_fail_open” behavior at every system boot.