AccelePort Xem Host Adpt-PCI + Code 10 cannot start

Hi I have a few questions about how this is supposed to work. I have installed this card on a Windows 2003 server and I’m getting error 10 device cannot start in the device manager when I go to port configuration and add any ports to that list. I do not have anything connected to that card when I do this. so my question is will it start in this state if nothing is connected to the card or do I maybe have a bad card.
I have installed the drivers off Digi’s site (per install readme). I have tried this on XP, Windows 7 all with same results.


You do need to have the PORTS module attached to the card when installing the driver, or you will see some error messages in Device Manager.

NOTE: Make sure your system is powered off when connecting the PORTS module to the host adapter. You will damage the PORTS module if you attach it to the card when the system is powered on.

Thanks that is exactly what I needed to know.