Configuring com port settings

I have a digiport 2p with the current drivers installed on a windows 2000 server machine. Everything installed fine but I can’t configure the two comm ports settings.

Also when I try to access com port 3 which is the digi cards it says it is not available but I can see it in the deice manager.

Need help ASAP please


This is currently not possible in the driver, but it is planned for some future release. Some of our products which do support this ability in the Windows environment are the Acceleport Xem, C/X, Xr920, Digi Neo/Classic, as well as our ethernet-connected Terminal/Device Servers by way of the Realport driver.

The only way to set these serial settings would be for the application to do it. For instance, if you open a port with Hyperterminal, you set the baud/parity/flow control in Hyperterm when you open the port. The same would be a requirement of other applications using this product.