using digione sp I need com ports 1-4

I am a new user for the digione sp product. The device seems to be working ok except for one problem. the application software that I am using on Windows XP needs to use com ports 1,2,3, or 4. When I installed the Realport driver it installs as com port 5. I tried to uninstall the realport driver and then disable the com ports in the computer’s bios . I then reinstalled the Realport driver but it still installs as com 5. that is the only com port showing in the hardware device manager.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


The top link isn’t specifically for Windows XP, but its a similar problem so similar guidance should resolve it.

Here are a couple links which might be of interest to you:

Hope this helps. If not, you might want to call Technical Support and open a ticket to get this resolved.

Thanks michaelt.

those links helped. It solved my problem. now the realport is showing up as com 3. Thats just what I needed.

I had a little hard time figuring out the registry modifications but I got through it. I found another link from digi that had a visual guide.

Thanks again.


Excellent! Glad I could help :slight_smile: