Legacy application : want to send data on COM1

I have a legacy application. We don’t have the source code. This app is using the port COM1 . I installed the realport driver and i saw that the first available port is COM3 . Is it possible to configure the realport driver to use the COM1 ?

Which of the Windows operating systems are you trying to install this on? Different versions do things differently.

Windows Server 2003 standard edition

Through device manager ->select COM1->Try renumbering COM1 to a higher number like COM5.
Again through the device manager->multiport serial adapters->select the Digi->Advanced->properties and renumber the first Digi port to COM1.
You may have to reboot the system as some applications only scan the ports during a boot up.

Thanks for your answers.
I don’t still have the device , but i tested with writing a short programm listening to port 771 on a remote host. I did some unit test and it works.
Now when i will have the device available i will have to do this on few hundred of servers . Is there a mean of automate the process by hacking some registry entries ?

After checking with engineering, we have nothing developed which would renumber com1 to another com number.
It was suggested that possibly you could use perl or Python to write a script which would do this.
If you do the renumbering of com1 first, the default installation of RealPort will start the Digi ports at com1.