Need to setup Windows 2003 Server ports to many TS-16 PS's

We are trying to use Realport to setup our custom cummunication server to many TS-16 Portservers to spread the load out. The portservers are attached to modem banks. The idea was, if any modem rack or portserver is disabled, only one or two modems per center would be affected.

Using the REALPORT setup sw the server com port to Portserver Port mapping cannot be specified.
1)The sw only finds the next phyiscal port to attach to. This is fine if you have a run of ports but our case is different.

  1. After you add the digi device and comports there is no way to add/realign comports. We reran setup and it installed a second device for the same portserver. Only an exact sequence of adds and deletes would let us meet the setup spec.

Do you have an API that we could load the mapping we want like you have for the portserver itself? (think of 1 server setting up 1 comport for 8 to 16 portservers.)

I will check back on Monday.

Thanks, Flo

Hi Flo,

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish. If the info below does not help, would you provide an short example?

The ports, once RealPor has installed them, can be renumbered individually.
Open the Device Manager, Multi-port serial adapters, right click on the PortServer, Properties, Advanced, Properties and select the port you wish to renumber, select the serial tab and the first block allows you change the com number to any number not already in use.

I only see a very manual cumbersome solution. It is due to our setup approach and digi sw auto-assigning to next available TS port which dictates/implies an order to the adds. Adding server com5 to TS port 8 is only allowed if ports 1 to 7 have been assigned. This will just be difficult but doable. I did see what you were talking about in Device manager.



You should look at the command line options for the realport driver installation. I think this would work for you. You will find the a list of the option and what they do located in the DgRpHelp.chm file located in the directory in which you extrated the driver files. Once you open the file go to configure realport->command line configuration.

Thanks - I will read further.