upgrading 32 digi port server TS 1 to additional 64 on the same SERVER

Our current server (windows 2003 server sp2) holds 32 Realport connections for 32 digi port server TS 1 devices. can we add additional 64 Realports for 64 digi devices on the same SERVER safely without having problems ??

Note: we connect the digi devices to the SERVER through WAN connection.

The maximum number of COM ports that can be installed is 4096 (a limitation in both the driver and Windows).

As for customers installing many of these on one server, I’ve heard of a few customers installing many, including one of over a thousand COM ports.

The only limitations I know of will be in the Memory and Processing power of the PC. The amount of each used greatly depends on the application (i.e. if it’s trying to use all the ports at once, it’s a polling application or creates a thread for each COM port, etc).