Digi One SP - Want to automate changing COM ports

I have several Digi One SP’s deployed and I can communicate with them all very well. A new problem has come up, however. We use an older piece of software that is limiting the number of ports we can communicate over - it will only communicate on COM1 - COM9. Is there any way to change what IP address is assigned to which COM port through a command line or script? We use realport software but cannot find any documentation on doing this without going into device manager and making the change.

I think you can accomplish what you wish by creating a batch file or 2.
To see what you can do this way, open a command prompt and change to the directory where the RealPort drivers are unzipped.
Type this command:
setup /? >params.txt
This will write the available parameters to the params.txt text file.
Then you should be able to put together a few commands to renumber the ports and then another batch file to renumber them again for a different application or to communicate with a different Digi One SP.

It would appear that the drivers were installed in my \WINNT\system32\ folder. When I run the “setup /?” command, it starts Win 2K setup. Could I find this info on the CD-ROM that came with my Digi Ones ?

Not “where” the drivers were installed, but “where” the driver package was unzipped. For example, I keep the RealPort drivers unzipped in C:\rp for easy access at the command line.
If you are using Windows NT, this may not work for you. Windows NT drivers are very old and not supported.
Hopefully, your directory is simply named winnt.

It would appear that these command line options allow me to setup a Digi, but that is not my problem. We have several Digis deployed all assigned On our office PC we have assigned the IP address of the first digi to com port two, the second Digi to com port three and the third Digi to com port four. My problem is that those are the only com ports our software will work with and we need to connect to several other Digis. Currently we have temporarily installed another PC to double our ability to connect to the deployed Digis. What we would like to be able to do is change what IP address is associated with com port 2, 3 and 4 on the fly. When I use the “setup /change” command, it does not change which IP address is associated with which com port. I’m not sure if that is clearer or not. Thanks for any and all help.

Actually, it would be best to update the application so you can use more com numbers.
However, in the mean time, you can work around the problem by using the correct commands and understanding what they do.
For example, I installed the latest Windows Xp drivers from our web site, installed a Digi One SP (DOSP) using at com 67. Another DOSP is installed on the network using IP address, but, no RealPort driver is installed on my PC for this DOSP. I wrote this simple batch file to change the IP address the DRIVER uses, but it keeps the SAME COM number.

setup /change /ip= /newip=

I saved this one line as ipchange.bat

When I run ipchange.bat from the directory where the drivers are unzipped at a command prompt, here is the result:



C:\rp>setup /change /ip= /newip=
Getting device count 100% [====================================>]
Getting device details 100% [====================================>]
Getting device details 100% [====================================>]
1 RealPort device was successfully updated. ]

Modifying device 100% [====================================>]

Now, when I check the device manager, the Digi One SP driver is set to use and the com number is still set to 67. When I use an application to open com 67, it now opens the com port on the DOSP using rather than the port of the DOSP using
NOTE: this does NOT change the ip address of any DOSP. It only changes the ip address which the driver uses to communicate to a DOSP.

If I wish to change the ip address the driver uses back to the original configuration, simple reverse the ip address positions in the command line to issue this:
C:\rp>setup /change /ip= /newip=

In your case, you would subsitute your IP addresses and use whichever com # you choose.

I’ve only tested this on the last 2 releases of the RealPort driver, so the above may not work on older versions.

Thank you very much ! I was trying to change COM ports instead of swapping IP addresses. This worked like a charm.

You are welcome. I’m glad it works for you. Theoretically, I think you could do this by changing com numbers, but, then, you have to make 2 com number changes rather than 1 IP address change. Changing the IP address is much more straight forward.