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We have developed a PC sw which uses the Realport virtual comms to connect to Digi devices. Fine up to now.
The problem comes when there are several devices connecting and disconnecting (e.g. WiFi nodes) to a DHCP server, thus with IP address changing over time: we integrated the Discovery API and are able to retrieve the new IP addresses and device names, but how can our program re-associate to the same virtual comm ports that was set in the first discovery ? We would need a way to access the RealPort settings objects and methods, to setup the virtual COM IP address.
Any idea ? I searched everywhere but it seems Digi doesn’t release such API to Realport.
Thanks in advance

The current version of Realport can be configured to connect to an IP address, MAC address, Hostname, or from a Device-Initiated Realport connection.

My recommendation would either be to configure the DHCP server to give the same IP to the same MAC every time and use that IP in Realport, use a DNS server on your server to setup a hostname and use that, or use Device-Initiated Realport if possible on your product.

Thank you very much.
I’m intrigued by the “device initiated” mode, but I cannot find much on the topic, so I have a couple of questions:
1-How does that work in few words ? My understanding is, it is the end node that sends a message which is gotten by the Realport driver running in the PC, and a COM port is assigned by it to the “supplicant” node. If that is the case, how can my application be warned that RealPort has made (or re-established) a new connection, and what is the criteria of assignment of the COM port number ?
2-Our devices are mainly DC-ME and Wi-ME, PnP version. Are those “device-initiated” enabled ? I cannot find such option in the web interface…
Thanks again

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  1. You may have the computer running the RealPort driver connecting to the remote Digi hardware redirecting it’s serial i/o over IP (RealPort).
    a) by knowing the fixed IP address of the Digi serial device server
    b) by knowing the MAC address of the Digi serial device server

  2. You may have the Digi serial device server connect to your computer running the RealPort driver if the IP address of this computer is fixed, by using device initiated RealPort connection. For this in the web config of your Digi device select Application > RealPort > Device initiated Realport connection > Add and enter the IP address of your computer.