IX10 RealPort setup and SIM cards

Hi, just started using an IX10 modem to connect to an RS232 data logger device over the mobile phone network. I’m also using RealPort software to assign a virtual com port so the software on my PC can connect to the RS232 datalogger and download date.

I’m currently using a SIM card with a fixed IP, so it’s easy to configure RealPort to “find” the IX10 on the fixed SIM’s IP and thus connect to the RS232 logger.

My question is can I use a non fixed IP sim, ie a standard SIM and RealPort running on a Windows Server with a fixed IP, can the IX10 be configure to keep a coms connection open to the servers fixed IP, and if so how does RealPort know where the IX10 is as I now don’t have a IP to tell RealPort?