Realport Driver

I’m trying to get the Realport driver working properly in an application, with very mixed success.
At the PC end, there are a host of configuration options (on the Windows driver, at least), with no guidance that I’ve found as to the best way to set them up in this type of scenario. (Such help as there is rather assumes you’re talking to a finished piece of equipment, rather than developing one!).
There are a number of choices for ‘port network profile’, which I’ve experimented with; the default connection type works OK, but is overkill. I only need a simple 2-way data transfer capability, with no flow control or modem control signals, but this doesn’t appear to work - the connection gets opened, but no data passes.
And if a minimal overhead port network profile is set, its not obvious how to set the serial port parameters at the Digi end.

Can anyone shed any more light on how to use the Realport driver?

Its also not obvious how to handle modem control signals and so on. I’ve modified the serial driver, so that it returns ‘not implemented’ to attempts to access IOCTL functions related to the modem control signal status.

I’m seeing apparently random lockups at the PC end - if it connects, the link works well. At other times COMTEST or my own test program will lock up solid trying to open the port.