realport transport

Hello Digi Forums,
I am having trouble with Realport driver and a WR-44.

My question and problem is how to assign a particular Realport to a particular hardware serial port. I have a WR-44 with the built in db-9 and the expansion board with 3 additional RJ-45 serials ports.

My server device manager indicates that Realport is “Connected”. The WR-44 also indicates my server is connected to 771. I did use the correct driver for my version of Windows Server (2008 R2). I am not using Authentication or Encryption. All of the other serial parameters are setup. I tested my server and device connection using direct IP and port with success (WAN:4000 = good, Realport -> 771 ->? bad)

So how do I make Realport 0 goto Asyc 0,1,2 or 3?

Thanks for helping me keep my last few hairs in my head.


When installing the RealPort driver on the Windows host, it should automatically assign COM ports which are associated with the Async ports on the TransPort unit.

Do you see the new COM ports listed?

Thank you for responding. Yes, when I installed the Realport driver, I specified 4 serial ports and the IP address. I chose com 10-13. However, Com 10 does not make it to Asy 0 and Com 11 does not make it to Asy1 and so on. In fact, I checked all combinations (16). Do I need to set up a route or something? Lastly, I reboot the WR-44 after changes. Thanks for any advice, Joe

Do you even see a connection a TCP connection with your device and realport?

If you run the GPSTAT command on the router you should see a listening realport. For example:
ID Owner State Protocol Mode Rem. Port Loc. Port Inact. Timeout
16REALPORT 0 Listening TCP Norm 771 300

Once you have setup realport on your PC you should see a connection.
ID Owner State Protocol Mode Rem. Port Loc. Port Inact. Timeout
18REALPORT 1 ESTAB TCP Norm 52371 771 300
Host 10.x.x.x

If you don’t get that far then you have an IP problem on your network. Check for firewalls etc.