How to communicate the serial port with WR31

Hi guys,

I have tested to communicate a serial port on WR31 through internet network.

  1. Device setting

    • Enabled serial port 0
  2. Connect 1st PC (USB-serail converter, real RS232 com port) with WR31 and 2nd PC connected with WR31 using RJ45 (LAN0 port)

These PCs are on the same network and I can communicate both direction.
However, when I moved 1st PC to the public ethernet ( not same network) with realport com port, I couldn’t have any connection. I put the IP address from the LTE connection.

My purpose is to connect the serial port from a public internet network.
I can’t find any proper manual or instruction on the site.

Are you able to connect to the modem at all through the WAN (cellular IP), can you access the web interface remotely?

If you cannot access the modem web interface remotely it may be that you do not a have a static IP that is accessible form the public IP.

If you can access the web interface remotely but just can’t access the serial only are you appending the port number to the IP address?

example 166.123.321.001:771 (if that is the real port you are using)

example 166.123.321.001:4000 (if using ASY 0 Listening Port)

Download the Transport manual (PDF)

Serial interface info begins on page 314
Also see network services starting on page 412

Wavesim how did you connect because i have a similar connection between two PCs but i cannot connect from one to the other serially.