WR42 and serial Port


I can to monitoring an remote device under the serial interface (RS\232) whit the Transport WR41? How I can to see or configuring the serial port? I can to see a remote PC, but on the Ethernet Port. A serial device, is possible to see from the serial Interface?

if you have access to the wr41 through the web interface you can change the serial settings

under Configuration - Network > Interfaces > Serial > Serial Port 0

this is the port on the back of the wr41 rj45 connector

if you have the settings correct and the cabling correct to your device you should be able to connect to the wr41 ip address on port 4000

this should then echo to and from the device connected to the serial port

hope this helps

Thanks James.

In the section “Rate adaption 0” I put the router address ( Port: 80, and listen to the port 4000. Is that correct?

I have not set anything in the area of “Legacy Protocol”?

When the frontal LED of the serial port It should indicate that there is connection?

Again Thanks and Regards. Marvin