Getting the Serial LED associated with SYN0 on WR41 Digi


I have a Digi WR41 and we are utilising a SYN0 port on the rear of the Digi(25pin in the centre of the unit).Is there any way to associate the Serial LED on the front of the unit with traffic/Online status of the SYN0 port please?

Our previous units were Sarian MR4110’s which utilised a Serial port (in the same position of the SYN0 port on the new Digi) and the front LED (in this case called DTE) was lit upon it connecting.

Please help.

The serial LED of WR41 will be lit when it is connected.

That is the trouble,I am not using the serial port,I am using SYN0 as per above so even after the SYN0 port is connected I have no status LED to reflect this.

I need to associate the SYN0 port at the back with the SERIAL LED on the front of the unit,now whether this be a firmware issue or a piece of code that I am unaware of that is the question.