WR44 Boot sequence leds meaning

I have a WR44 which, upon boot, it follows this led sequence
Sec 0: LINK LED blinks about twice per second
Sec 2.5: LAN 1 LED (Laptop connected there) blinks very fast.
Sec 4: DSL LED lights GREEN
Sec 6.5: LINK and DSL LEDS go off.
Sec 9: All 4 LAN LEDs light green for 0.5 sec + DSL LED Lights Red for 1sec
Sec 10: LINK-SIM-ACT-Signal1-Signal2-Signal3 light green and immediately power off sequentially from left to right.

Then, a sec later, this all starts over again
Does anybody know what this sequence means and if it may be resolved? I tried flashing the router but it didn’t help and obtained same result.


the flashwriter process should normally recover from this i would first try a different firmware image and if that does not work then do a full recovery

here is the link to full recovory process