Non-responsive WR21

I have a Digi TransPort WR21 that was configured and working at a client site. The modem is now unresponsive to pings on the WAN and the LAN0 ports. When the modem is power cycled the status LEDS flash as follows:

  1. The POWER LED comes on solid and remains on.
  2. All the LEDs, except the POWER LED, flash once
  3. The one bar signal LED flashes for about 3-4 seconds, and at that point the WAN LED comes on solid for 3 seconds while the one bar signal LED flashes for about 3 seconds.
  4. Steps 2 and 3 are then repeated over and over and over.

It appears the modem may not be fully completing its boot up cycle. Would this be correct based on how the modem is behaving?

Any suggestions as to how to proceed? Is there any way to get past this without resetting the modem back to factory defaults?



It sounds like you have a router in reboot loop.

the easy way to recover this is to reflash the router with a fresh firmware as in this documnet

or this video

There is also a recovery for the WR21 this is a little more complex