WR41 - Unable to obtain boot-loader - do you wish try again

Before 3 days i want to update my WR41 router to a new firmware version. But after flashing the router, it looks like a christmas tree :wink:

Because of this I used the flashing tool, to recover the firmware and boot-loader. I try, as in the official description for WR41v2_Step_by_step guide to recover the image. But it don’t work. I can start the flashing, select the .all file - the image will be write to the router, after this the next step is “sleeping” and after this, the message appears to disconnect the power, click ok, power on - after this after multiple seconds the message appears “Unable to obtain boot-loader - do you wish try again” and the router is blinking also like an christmas tree.
So what can i do?


If you are Flashing the firmware as in that document with a serial cable it should get BOOTLOADER

are you also using a switch/ hub between the router and the PC

if you get to the point where the router reboots if it goes to christmas tree try removing / reapplying power at that point

if it is still having problems you could contact Digi support as a RMA and they could help with the recovery process



Which firmware did you flash?

Are you sure you have a WR41v2 and not a WR41v1?

What is the serial and part number of the device?

Part number is WR41-U7T1-DE1-ZZ and Serial 193658
Is there another process for the WR41v1?

ok - now I used 3 different serial cables. One is working and the router is updating a little bit more - but then it recieved "Failed to set W-WAN software counter? :frowning:

It is just different firmware that has been end of lifed. We sometimes try to get customers upgrading the wrong device. It looks like your WR41 is a v2 so you should be fine with that.

in the ini file of the firmware you can remove the


then you can bypass that part for now and get the router to a point you can access it .